Modernisation & retrofitting

Modernisation & retrofitting of machine tools – i.e. complete rebuilding of manually operated machines to fully controlled machine tools. The modernisation / retrofitting means the upgrading of machines from the standard original design to the CNC – controlled machines by application of modern mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems by using the new progressive technologies which are used on brand-new machines. The most significant benefit of these projects is the easier control of machine with reduced influence of operator's mistakes, improved parameters, increased efficiency, performance and accuracy.w-200hc-s-35c-kirloskar Modernisation brings as well the possibility of extension of the range of workpieces which can be machined. In some cases - and after the discussion with VHS specialists, the scope of modernisations can be adjusted according to the extent and requirements (particularly technology and accuracy) which should be reached on the machined workpieces.
Specific example of modernisation
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