About us:
Welcome to the website of VH services sro. (Ltd.) in shortVHS, which operates since 1991 on the world market in the field of heavy machine tools. We offer full support for fault-free operation by providing rapid delivery of spare parts, servicing by our team of experts, enhance the value of machines by partial modifications using new elements of modern design or a complete upgrade to the required level (PLC, CNC or semi CNC). We are able to provide our service to very old machines manufactured after the Second World War as well as to new machine few years old. We focus mainly on local machines produced by Skoda, TOS, CKD and MAS, but due to the long-term presence in our field, we are able to fulfill the needs of service on machines made by Waldrich, Schiess, Scharman and so on. Most of our activities are focused on Indian market, where we have strong commercial and service facilities. We can carry out majority of our activities at the customer eventually in local workshops.
We have our own design facilities, spare parts stock, provide technical assistance and consultation for free. We have also documentation for many machine tools and we like to share with you our experience in the field of heavy machine tools. Contact us, please come to visit us.

Spare parts

Description Details Price
Milling Cutter 250-2456, M120
Motor MEZ 132 M-T
Valve 4 VTM 12-48V
Electromagnetic Brake FMOB 10-24 V
Valve 4 VTM 11-24V


Description Details Price
Milling head IFVW 1B
Milling head IFVW 2B
Milling head IFVW 3B
Milling head IFW 2A
Angular Milling Head JAVA JM 102


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