There are generally two cases when the application of inspections of machine tools may be required:ballbar-test
  • Cases when the service repair or relocation of machine is required. The inspection of machine in these cases is recommended to find out the existing condition of machine. Subsequently, the required spares can be specified and time required for  respective service repair can be properly calculated. The inspection of machine might be recommended as well in cases when the customer intends to take some new jobs (workpieces) where the higher accuracy of machining is required. The inspection then provides the information if the machine is suitable for this machining or, what should be done to reach the required technology and accuracy of machining.
  • Some customers that are intending to purchase a second hand machine tool and do not have the specialists knowledgeable of this method and equipped with the proper attachment are asking VHS to carry out the inspection of machine for them at  original place of installation – i.e. before its shipment to their plant - in many cases even before the closing of respective contract and payment. In this case, the customer gets the up-to-date information regarding the real condition of machine and can subsequently decide if to buy this machine or not. If the customer decided in similar cases to purchase this machine, VHS used to be asked (because of knowledge of actual conditions of machine) to take care for both the disassembly of machine at the original place and subsequent installation of machine at customer's plant
Instruments for inspection
niveltronicFor each inspection it is necessary to be equipped with top measuring instruments for checking accuracies on the machine tool. For this reason, our company owns 2 pieces of digital measuring instrument Niveltronic TESA (Swiss made). This special instrument is used for verification and levelling of the vertical and horizontal surfaces - for measuring of accuracy of bed, machine travel on bed and perpendicularity of column. We are the owner of both models – square and horizontal Niveltronic including granite measuring base that eliminates effects of thermal expansion during measuring of machine bed. Both these measuring instruments are certified by accredited calibration laboratory M&B Calibr No. 2301 with valid certificate.
In addition to this, our company owns many standard measuring instruments that are needed for machine tool inspections: tachometer, granite angle plate 1,5m, straight edge 2,5m (made of duralumin), etc.
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