Modernized Rotary Table SKODA E 20/25 with CNC-control

Modernized Rotary Table SKODA E 20/25 equipped with CNC-control is in comparison with originally manually controlled Rotary Table SKODA E 20/25 characterized by substantial improvement of parameters – i.e. not only in feed and rotary mechanisms which are backlash-free, but as well in parameter of load of clamping plate. Continuous control of axis V as well as B, along with the control of the whole machine enables application of technological operations which could not be performed with the manual controlled table. Application of hydrostatics on both axes together with high-quality measuring system from company Heidenhain guarantees not only accurate positioning but as well repeatability in reaching of required position. Multiple increase of feed speeds considerably reduces required operation time.
Parameters of table after modernisation:
capacity by centric load 35 000 [kg]
size of clamping plate 2 000x2 000, 2 500x2 000, 3 000x2 500 [mm]
centering diameter of clamping plate 100 H7 [mm]
longitudinal travel – V-axis 1 200 [mm]
max. feed force – V-axis 60 000 [N]
max. feed speed – V-axis 0 – 10 000 [mm/min]
rotation of clamping plate – B-axis 0 – 2 [RPM]
max. rotary torque – B-axis 50 000 [Nm]
max. torque of clamping – B-axis 50 000 [Nm]
measuring system – V-axis direct absolute
measuring system – B-axis direct absolute
guideways – V-axis lining Biplast + hydrostatics
guideways – B-axis lining Biplast + hydrostatics
  • increase of capacity of table from original 20 000/25 000kg to 35 000kg
  • continuous travel of V-axis and rotation of clamping plate also in low speeds
  • continuous change of  speed of travel as well as rotation of clamping plate
  • indexing of clamping plate at any angle
  • backlash-free gearing mechanisms (ball screw, planetary gearbox)
  • circular and cylindrical interpolation in V- and B-axes according to used CNC system
  • absolute measuring system of travel of table as well as positioning of clamping plate
  • protection of guideways by application of telescopic covers
Note: It is recommended to install the modernized rotary table on its own foundation using fixation attachment. Nevertheless, it might be after agreement as well possible the solid installation on floor clamping plates.
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