VHS can deliver various documentations for the major part of the horizontal boring machines, lathes, drills and many more machines.

Samples of the documentation which we are ready to supply with the modernisation of machine by us:
  • Mechanical part
  • Eletrical part
  • Hydraulical part
  • Maintenance manual
All other documentation can be prepared by our very expert team as per customer need. For more information of all documentation please contact our Service manager – Mr. Vít Mrákota.

Drilling machines

BKoZ 900x1400/1AGAPGermanMechanical, Electrical
RFh 100CsepelEnglishMechanical, Electrical
VO 104HoloubkovEnglishMechanical, Electrical
VO 63HoloubkovEnglishMechanical, Electrical
VO 80HoloubkovCzechMechanical
VO 80WEILEREnglishMechanical
VO 80HoloubkovEnglishList of spare parts
VO 84HoloubkovEnglishMechanical, Electrical
VOM 50WEILERCzechMechanical, Electrical
VOM 50WEILERGermanMechanical, Electrical
VOM 50WEILEREnglishMechanical, Electrical
VR 103/104 AKovosvit Sez. ÚstíCzechMechanical
VR 4EnglishMechanical
VR 4 AMASCzechMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
VR 6MASCzechMechanical, Electrical
VR 8Kovosvit Sez. ÚstíCzechMechanical
VR 8 AHoloubkovEnglishMechanical
VR 83A, VR 84A, VRP 83A, VRP 84AKovosvit Sez. ÚstíCzechMechanical
VRM 50Kovosvit Sez. ÚstíCzechMechanical
VRM 50 AKovosvit Sez. ÚstíEnglishMechanical, Electrical
VRP 104 AMASCzechMechanical, Electrical
VRP 8AMASEnglishMechanical, Electrical
VSP 50Kovosvit HoloubkovCzechMechanical, Electrical
VSPQ 63CNCHoloubkovCzechMechanical, Electrical

Grinding machines

2 UDCETOSEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
7UTOSCzechMechanical, Electrical
BB 6TOSEnglishMechanical
BEV 80, BEV 100TOSEnglishMechanical, Electrical
BHU 25TOS HostivařEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
BU 16TOS HoliceCzechMechanical
BUT 63TOSEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
HSS 60BC, HSS 80BCMAAG ZurichGermanMechanical
ZSTZ 10WMWCzechMechanical, Electrical

Horizontal boring and milling machines

H 100 ATOS VarnsdorfEnglishMechanical
H 100 ATOS VarnsdorfCzechMechanical
H 63 ATOS VarnsdorfEnglishMechanical
HCW 3 - 200NCŠkoda Machine ToolCzechMechanical, Hydraulic
W 100TOS HulínCzechMechanical
W 100 ATOS VarnsdorfCzechMechanical
W 100 ATOS VarnsdorfEnglishMechanical
W 150NCŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Hydraulic
W 160/200 HBŠKODACzechMechanical, Hydraulic
W 160/200 HB NCŠKODAGermanMechanical, Hydraulic
W 160/200/250 HAŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
W 160/200/250 GŠKODACzechMechanical
W 160/200/250 HŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
W 160/200/250 HŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical
W 160/200/250 HAŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
W 160/200/250 HCŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical
W 160/200/250 HCŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
W 160HD, W 200HD, W 250HDŠKODAEnglishMechanical
W 200 HB + NS-3AŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Hydraulic
WD 160 AŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
WD 160 BŠKODAGermanMechanical
WD 160/200 AŠKODACzechElectrical
WD 160/200 AŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical
WD 160/200 BŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical
WD 200 AŠKODACzechElectrical
WEQ 200 NCŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
WHN 11TOS VarnsdorfCzechMechanical
WHN 13TOS VarnsdorfCzechMechanical
WHN(Q) 13 CNCTOS VarnsdorfCzechMechanical, Electrical
WI 130 + S 12ŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
WRD 150TOS VarnsdorfEnglishMechanical, Electrical
WRF 130 CNCTOS VarnsdorfCzechMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic

Milling machines

FB 32UTOS KuřimEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FC 50TOS KuřimCzechMechanical, Electrical
FC 50TOS KuřimEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FC 63 VTOS KuřimCzechMechanical
FGS 50 T PLUSStrojtos LipníkEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
FGSH 50, FGSV 50TOS KuřimEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FK 80b, FK 80cTOSEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FK 80b, FK 80cTOSCzechMechanical, Electrical
FN 20TOS ČelákoviceCzechMechanical, Electrical
FN 20TOS ČelákoviceEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FNG 32/40 NCEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FNG 40 CNCINTOSCzechMechanical, Electrical
FNG 40 CNCAINTOSEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FNG 40 CNCAINTOSCzechMechanical, Electrical
FNGJ 20TOS ŽebrákCzechMechanical, Electrical
FNGJ 20TOS ŽebrákEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FNGJ 32TOSCzechMechanical
FNGJ 32TOSEnglishMechanical
FNGJ 40TOS ŽebrákCzechMechanical
FNGJ 40TOS ŽebrákEnglishMechanical
FNGP 40INTOSEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
FNW 32x500, FNW 32x800WMWGermanMechanical, Electrical
FO 10TOS ČelákoviceEnglishMechanical
FO 25TOS ČelákoviceCzechMechanical
FP 12, FP 16TOS HulínCzechMechanical, Electrical
FP 16TOS HulínEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FP 20TOS HulínEnglishMechanical, Electrical
FREP-D 16x30TOS KuřimCzechMechanical, Electrical
FRP 12x50TOS KuřimCzechMechanical
OF 10TOS ČelákoviceCzechMechanical
OFA 16 ATOS ČelákoviceEnglishMechanical, Electrical
OFA 16/32 ATOS ČelákoviceCzechMechanical

Rotary tables

E 25ŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
E 25ŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical
IOS 40/60/100 NCŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Hydraulic
IRU 500, IRN 500SlovtosEnglishMechanical
ISO 16TOS VarnsdorfEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
S 12 MŠKODACzechMechanical
S 20/35/60/80 AŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
S 20/35/60/80 AŠKODAEnglishMechanical
S 20/35/60/80 BŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
S 32ŠKODACzechMechanical
S 35/60/100 CŠKODACzechMechanical
SEA 35 NCŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Hydraulic
SEA 60ŠKODACzechMechanical, Hydraulic


A 20BMASCzechMechanical, Electrical
A 20BMASEnglishMechanical, Electrical
AB 80AMASEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
S 2500 D4ŠKODACzechMechanical
S 32INTOSCzechMechanical, Electrical
S 32EnglishMechanical, Electrical
SIC 126ŠKODACzechMechanical
SIU 400ŠKODACzechMechanical
SK 16TOS HulínEnglishMechanical, Electrical
SK 40A, SK 50AČKD BlanskoCzechMechanical
SK 40A, SK 50AČKD BlanskoEnglishMechanical, Electrical
SKD 50ČKD BlanskoEnglishMechanical, Hydraulic
SKIQ 12CNC CTOS HulínEnglishMechanical, Electrical
SKIQ 8/12/16/20TOS HulínCzechMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
SKZ 32ČKD BlanskoCzechMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
SN 40B, SN 45B, SN 50BTOS TrenčínSlovakMechanical, Electrical
SPK 63HoloubkovCzechMechanical, Electrical
SR 1000/1250ŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
SR 1250ŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical
SRM 100ŠKODAEnglishMechanical
SRM 100/125ŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
SU 50TOSCzechMechanical, Electrical
SU 50ATOSCzechMechanical, Electrical
SU 63 A, SU 80 A, SU 90 ATOS ČelákoviceCzechMechanical
SU 63 A, SU 80 A, SU 90 A, SS 63 A, SS 80 A, SS 90 ATOS ČelákoviceCzechMechanical, Electrical
SU-SS 63/80/90 ATOS VarnsdorfCzechMechanical
SUA 100 PŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical
SUA 100/125 PŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
SUA 100/125 PAŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
SUA 100/125 PAŠKODAEnglishMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
SUR 260/300/350ŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical
SUT 126 NCŠKODACzechMechanical
SUT 160/200ŠKODACzechMechanical, Hydraulic
SUT 160/200 TŠKODACzechMechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic
W 490, W 570VOEST-ALPINEGermanMechanical

Planing machines

14 Z 2500 ( III )VWKEnglishMechanical
14 Z 2500 ( III )VWKGermanMechanical
HWTOS SvitavyEnglishMechanical, Electrical

Slotting machines

HO 63TOS HulínCzechMechanical, Electrical
OHA 12 ATOS ČelákoviceCzechMechanical, Electrical
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