Angular Milling Head JAVA JM 102

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Angular Milling Head JAVA JM 102 is a new milling attachment which was developed recently. The main reason for this decision was our intention to provide to our customers a new universal milling head of modern design and features required for the milling and boring operations. This head is suitable not only for Skoda made horizontal boring and milling machines, but it can be also used after respective connecting configuration on horizontal milling and boring machines of other manufacturers. The application of new components enables not only extension of its features but also increase of its reliability compared to similar previous heads whereas its price remains reasonable.
The Angular Milling Head JM 102 consists of a spindle body, an extension piece and a flange. The spindle body can be rotated through ±180° and set to any of 144 angle positions 2.5° around the spindle axis of machine. The supplied flange enables the mechanical connection of the head with the respective horizontal milling machine.
Max. power of head (over 200 rpm) is 55 kW; Max. torque (up to 200 rpm) is 2600 Nm. The spindle of head is provided with a taper ISO 50. Tool clamping and releasing is done automatically. For manipulation with the head (clamping, releasing) can also be supplied a special palette which can be moved in and out of the working space of machine.
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