Milling head IFVW 1B

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Basic characteristic

  • The milling head attachment IFVW 2B is applied for light milling operations and for drilling holes. The outside dimensions of the milling attachment allow machining even in hardly accessible or limited spaces of work-pieces.
  • The milling attachment is attached to the ram face of the machine tool either automatically by means of clamping pins (A) or manually by means of screw bolts (B). A set of flanges allows to use the accessory on all types of milling and boring machine ŠKODA. The size of the flange and the system of fastening to the ram face are given by the type of the machine tool.
  • The milling attachment can be turned in the plane parallel with the ram face into an arbitrary position within the range from 0 to 360 degrees. An angle of positioning can be read out on scale with a nonius. An accuracy of angle setting in a particular position can be checked by means of precise built-in check pins. The turnable part can be turned and fastened manually. A special nozzle and respective cutting liquid distribution piping serve for easy connection to a tool cooling system
  • The work spindle is provided with ISO 40 taper hollow on one side and with MORSE 4 taper hollow on the other side. On both sides the tools are fastened to the spindle manually by means of a screw bolts. A set of collects allows to fasten even tools with cylindrical shanks on the MORSE 4 side.
  • The pallet PA, which is supplied as a special accessory for this attachment, facilitates its handling in the machine tool operating space or outside when being dismounted or stored.
  • The technologic accessories exchange equipment ISQ N-X, which is supplied as a special accessory of the machine tool, is designed for transport of the pallet PA carrying the attachment between the lay-down place and the working space of the machine

Technical data

Speed ratio between tool and spindle of machine - 2,5 : 1
Max. revolutions rpm 2000
Max. torque up to 200 rpm Nm 180
Max. power in range of 200-1000 rpm kW 10
Clamping hollows in work spindle - ISO 40+MORSE 4
Set of collets for clamping tools with cylindrical shanks Dia mm 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20
Weight of milling attachment kg 300
Cutting angle - 0 - 360°

Special accessories

Pallet PA for IFVW 1B
Total weight kg 130

Data for an order

Name and type of the attachment
Type and production number of the machine for which the attachment is required
Specification of the special accessories
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