Modernization of Control of HBM´s SKODA with Semi-CNC control

The electrical equipment which was originally used on the old HBM´s Skoda is practically at the end of its usable life. Function and reliability are therefore already on most of machines very bad and cause consequently considerable problems in production.
That is why we have developed the new modern control for the machines where the full CNC-control is not required. This system is distinctly increasing the productivity of the machine and reduces possibility of operator mistake. The positioning accuracy is better then ±0,01mm and we have developed detailed machine diagnostics. The machine can be connected to our service centre in Pilsen for detailed identification of problems through internet remote diagnostic function. This application is based on the use of PLC-system M258 with 12" touch screen MAGELIS and servodrives LEXIUM. We have replaced the original rotary encoders for measurement (on the machines where they were used) with the modern encoders Osicoder. (All referenced equipment is supplied by company Schneider Electric.)
  • There are the two independent digital readouts for each coordinate available for the operator of machine. The main digital readout is usually used for the indication of actual position of machine, the second one for the display of required position. The work of operator of machine is easier and the risk of fault of calculation of position is reduced as well.
  • The last position at the shutoff of machine in absolute measuring mode is after the new switching-on immediately available on the digital readout, the required position can be entered on the second digital readout.
  • The actual feed speed and load on the motor are displayed for each axis.
  • Automatic thread cutting of any thread in Z-axis is available when the threading-die head is used.
  • Actual main spindle speed (RPM) is displayed on the control panel.
  • New push button "Chip Breaker" was added on the control panel.
  • Diagnostics for all action items is available at any time for machine maintenance
Parameters of Semi CNC system:
  • 2x20 positions presetting for each axis in Manual mode
  • 1000 drilling cycles
  • 1000 threading cycles
  • 1000 milling cycles
  • 1000 specific users cycles
  • 28 partprograms - 1000 blocks each
  • 64 length and diameter tool corrections
  • circle drilling mode
  • automatic centre location
  • control of the spindle and auxiliary functions
  • machine remote diagnostics
  • history of the machine defects
  • linear corrections of the measuring system
  • automatic axes backlash compensation
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