Second hand Machines

Based on customer‘s requirement, we are able to offer different types of used machine tools, mainly of Czech production -  SKODA, TOS, MAS, CKD Blansko. All delivered machines are listed in our reference list.
VHS can combine it with inspection, disassembly and installation – i.e. in the way which is briefly described in section Modernisation & Services. As it is indicated there, it enables to the customer easier arrangement of different activities and monitoring of the whole development of the case from his intention to buy the machine (i.e. from inspection of machine at original place) till the final conclusion of the whole case (i.e. the commissioning of machine at customer’s plant).
Examples of most frequently sold machines:
  • Horizontal Boring Machines SKODA W 160, W 200
  • Table Type Boring Machines W 100, WHN 13
  • Plano Milling Machines FP 16, FP 20, FREZ
  • Radial Drilling Machines VO 80, VOM 50
  • Centre Lathe SR 1000, SU 100 etc.
  • Vertical Turning Lathe SK 16, SK 25, etc.
  • Grinding Machines
  • Gear Machines

Second hand machines

Description Details Payment Price
Rotary Table TOS ISO 16
Rotary table SKODA E20
Horizontal Boring Machine WEQ 200 NC
Horizontal Boring Machine W 160 H
Horizontal Boring Machine W 160 H