W 250HA - Customer EXCON Steel

Modernization of manually controlled machine to CNC-controlled version, extension of X-axis travel (column on bed) by 3 m. It was used there the special welded 3 m long bed extension piece that the company EXCON itself manufactured according to the technical documentation provided by our company. There were installed on the machine the MEFI control system and the measuring system from company ESSA. The original feed lead screw for travel of headstock (Y-axis) was replaced with the feed ball screw.
VH services implemented the following scope of works:
  • Installation of control system MEFI.
  • Extension of X-axis travel (column on bed) by 3 m.
  • New telescopic coves of bed.
  • New Master-Slave feed gearbox for travel of column on bed (X-axis).
  • New feed gearboxes without shifting system.
  • Replacement of feed lead screw for travel of headstock (Y-axis) with the feed ball screw.
  • New bellows cover of Y-axis feed ball screw.
  • Rectification of hydrostatics – X-axis, new hydrostatic unit.
  • Correction of counterweight guiding.
  • New guiding pulleys of counterweight.
  • Rectification of air distribution system.
  • New feed motors.
  • New electrical wiring including electrical cabinets and drives.
  • Complete adjustment of geometrical accuracy of machine.
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