W 150NC + Schiess TDV 3 CNC – Customer Hwacheon

Customer purchased used HBM Skoda W150NC in special design from Germany. They subsequently discovered that the machine in this arrangement cannot be used for their technological requirements. They also purchased used rotary table Schiess TDV 3 CNC (which was previously working in combination with some other machine).
Furthermore, they purchased used floor clamping plates (also of nonstandard design).
Customer asked VH services to carry out modification including necessary modernization of this equipment and its subsequent installation so that it fulfills their technological requirements:
VH services implemented the following scope of works:
  • Full preparation of all required technical documentation.
  • Preparation of completely new solution of foundation for setup of the whole workplace (i.e. horiborer, rotary table, clamping floor plates).
Horiborer W150NC:
  • Full modifiw-150nc-schiess-tdv-3-hwacheoncation of saddle of column.
  • Modification of X-axis feed system.
  • Full modification of lubrication – X-axis.
  • Modification of hydraulics of machine.
  • Preparation of design and specification of new telescopic cover of bed guideways.
  • Changes and modification of cable connection and wiring of machine.
Rotary Table Schiess TDV 3 CNC:
  • Modification of height of foundation to enable the mechanical matching to the horiborer, so that whole arrangement of both machines and clamping floor plates works as complete manufacturing system.
  • Modification of some assemblies of rotary table.
  • Modifications / corrections of hydraulics of rotary table.
  • Modifications / corrections of lubrication of rotary table.
  • Modifications / corrections of wiring of rotary table.
Installation of whole workplace (i.e. horiborer + rotary table + clamping floor plates):
  • Mechanical adjustment of whole workplace.
  • Electrical start up of workplace.
  • Adjustment of geometrical accuracy of whole workplace.
  • Complete tests of function and reliability of whole workplace.
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