Milling attachment IFW 3A

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Basic characteristic

  • The IFW 3A milling head is attached to the front face of ram of SKODA horizontal boring machines. The milling head is identical for all types of the mentioned machines differing but in the extension mount housing the milling spindle drive. The various machine sizes being fitted with spindles of different inner tapers, it is necessary to specify the tapers in main spindle when ordering the milling head.
  • The IFW 3A milling head is applied for milling operations performed mainly in holes and on surfaces parallel with the main spindle centreline. No resetting of workpiece is required when using the mentioned milling head.
  • The IFW 3A milling head is capable of being swivelled about two axes perpendicular to each other to scales provided. The swivel is effected manually by means of a worm gear through transmission 0 - 360. After its adjustment the head is firmly fixed to its extension mount.
  • The cutting tool is clamped by its taper shank in the head spindle taper and secured by a bolt passing through the head body. The spindle body of the milling head is fitted with a driver. The extension piece is manufactured in one basic length which is, however, varying slightly depending on the size of the individual taper.

Technical data

Milling head spindle to main spindle - 1 : 1
Max. admissible speed rpm 700
Max. torque up to 250 rpm Nm 2100
Max. output from 250 rpm kW 55
Taper in spindle Standard
ISO 60
ISO 50
Max. cutter diameter mm 250
Weight of milling attachment kg
420 - 495

Data for an order

  • Name and type of the attachment
  • Type and production number of the machine for which the attachment is required
  • Kind of tool clamping
  • Size of clamping taper in the spindle of the attachment, clamping length
  • Whether standard ISO 60 or optional ISO 50 taper in milling head spindle is required
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